About the Company

Our company dates back to October 1968 when was issued the order on the organization of specialized trust - platform "Stroymekhanizatsia Trust number 2" which gave birth to a powerful association for operation and maintenance of construction machinery. Throughout the history the trust accumulated a huge potential in the field of the development of construction services. The trust participated in the construction of many important objects in the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions, on Baikal-Amur Mainline, Tuva , Armenia and Mongolia. The company took part in the construction of more than 1,300 industrial, social and cultural facilities.

During the entire period of its existence the trust has accumulated a huge experience in the field of construction services.

The company owns the tower cranes of the following brands: TEPEX CTT 161 B-8, TEPEX CTT 121A-5, КБ -515, КБ- 408.21, EVERDIGM KH 310-14 and crawler cranes RDK -250.

At the end of 2012 the OJSC "Stroymekhanizatsia Trust n° 2", held a tender among the leading manufacturers of tower cranes, following which a contract was concluded with the “Terekhov” company for 50 cranes , first eight of which are already operating at the construction site of Yekaterinburg.

By choosing us you get:

  • Full range of services for the installation and uninterrupted exploitation of tower cranes.
  • Individual approach.
  • The most effective solution for the installation of tower cranes.
  • Special terms for regular customers.
  • Training and coaching of tower crane drivers.
  • The equipment is in perfect state.
  • Installation of tower cranes in 3 days.
  • Low-power consumption and high lifting speed tower cranes.
  • Daily monitoring of tower crane drivers work, in order to maximize the task.
  • Uninterrupted operation of our tower cranes allows organizing efficiently the construction while minimizing the costs.
About the Company About the Company