Technical characteristics

Technical description of the cranes

At the end of 2012 the OJSC "Stroymekhanizatsia Trust n° 2", held a tender among the leading manufacturers of tower cranes, following which a contract was concluded with the “Terekhov” company for 50 cranes , first eight of which are already operating at the construction site of Yekaterinburg.

The cranes of TEREX Comedil company are designed for mechanization of construction and installation works in the construction of residential, public, industrial and high-rise buildings.

The cranes are equipped with modern electronics and software that improve the speed and the accuracy of operations. With additional features you can always obtain information about the state of the crane. The design of the brand cranes TEREX Comedil allows a quick and easy installation. Crane arm can be entirely assembled on the ground and mounted on a tower or passed up in sections. Installation of the tower can be carried out using a truck crane or mounting clips. The base of the tower is mounted with anchor fasteners in a monolithic foundation, or on a support frame with ballast, or alternatively on a chassis frame crane.